Practice Methodology/Case Management

Cases/projects are assigned to specific attorneys (the Lead Attorney) depending on the nature of the instruction. The Lead Attorney would be provided with the necessary support staff to ensure that all logistics around a particular matter are attended to swiftly. The responsibility of the Lead Attorney is however to manage the instruction and report to the client in terms of a reporting structure agreed on with the client. Communication with the client is key ingredient of our client relationships.

A project plan will be agreed upon with the client upon Initial contact with the client. This plan is the management tool by which the instruction is managed. Although the course of particular cases are unpredictable, the project plan generally assists the client in understanding the time-frames attached to the completion of their matter and the nature of the respective services rendered to them.

Attorneys also consult frequently with each other on their instructions to ensure an all-round legal and business perspective. We also have a network of attorneys outside of our firm on whose knowledge and experience in particular fields of law we are able to rely on. External experts and professionals are only utilised with the approval of the client.

Our case management policy is designed to meet five important needs of clients;
  • to meet pre-determined outcomes, and
  • to keep within anticipated time-frames, and
  • to keep clients constantly informed of progress in any matter, and
  • to minimise the harmful effect of disputes on business operations, and
  • to minimise legal costs

We report to clients at least once of week but keep an open line to legal services heads (or their assigns) of large scale institutions. We are also particularly diligent about not incurring legal costs when an alternative non-legal or business remedy avails itself. Reporting formats will be decided upon between ourselves and the client.