Property Sales

Our property sales division provides you with the full spectrum of property related services. As estate agents and attorneys, we can find you a suitable home or sell your home and our conveyancers can prepare the Deed of Sale and attend to the transfer and registration of the property you are buying or selling.

If you are selling or transferring property connected to a deceased estate, our experienced Deceased Estate attorneys will work hand-in-hand with our agents to ensure that the deceased’s wishes for the property is fully implemented.

Our aim is to make your property experience as pleasant and as quick as possible.

The following is a standard feature of our property division

  • Qualified and highly experienced property practitioners and attorneys
  • A reliable comparative market analysis to ensure your property is properly valued and sold at the prevailing market price
  • Continuous market trend reviews and price assessments
  • Expert bond origination
  • Seamless engagements with the transfer and registering attorneys
  • Efficient property management services for single leases and Sectional Titles
  • Marketing and managing of new developments